Danova is the Primula market leader for mid-early season sales. This series sets the standard for uniform plant habit, flower size and quality. Danova provides a rich assortment of strong colors to choose. The large showy flowers in this series measuring 5-6cm across drive a strong sell through.

Pot Plant
Indoor, Patio & Beeding
5cm flower

Bicolour Mix

The Danova are available in a Bicolour mix. This combines the best colours of the range into a beautiful range of colours that suit any season.

Plant Features

Wide range of colours and planting options

As part of the Primula acualis range Danova are suited to a wide range of planting options. You can use them for bedding, mixed and pot cultures with an assortment of colours.

Seed Quality

Excellent seedling vigour. Quality in the seed provides repeatable results.

Showy Flowers

Large showy blooms are eye-catching and framed with a dark green background.

Variety in Colour

A large selection of colours provide many options for flower pots and bedding combinations. With the Choice mix with core colours.


Plant Use

Bedding, Potted Crop

Plant Type


Plant Height


Plant Width


Seed Count


Crop Time

22 Weeks

Culture Guide

Download the culture guide for this plant. This provides a general overview of how to grow the Danova as it is based on northern hemisphere data. We are able to provide specific details on growing in KwaZulu-Natal

Culture Guide PDF

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