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At Garden Thyme we grow & supply premium quality seedlings and flowers to give you the best success in your nursery, retail store, and for your customers gardens. Our plants flourish in and out your nursery.

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Gerbera Daisy - Pink Blush
KZN Distributor for Sakata®

Ornamental Flower Seed Distributor in KwaZulu-Natal

Our storefront Rooftop Garden Center is open at Watercrest Mall, see the page now for more info


We grow seedlings

Garden Thyme is a modest wholesale seedling and seed supplier that serves the Upper Highway and KwaZulu-Natal area with good quality seedlings of herbs and vegetable as well as flower seedlings.

Petunia seedlings in a hand

We provide services from Seed to the final Container

With access to the Sakata range of flower seeds and also strategically placed to service the whole KZN area we offer the following services:


We distribute of Sakata Ornamental seeds for KwaZulu-Natal. This includes the bedding, pot and cut flower varieties.


We grow flower and herb seedlings in trays from 128 plugs to 406 plugs with an average of 87 - 92% germ rate.

Grown Plants

We also grow the seedlings to full grown plants that can be used immediately (already flowering) or grown on in your nursery. Supplied in 4 - 12 cavity punnets

what we do

Professional Flower Seeds from Sakata®

A large range of Flower seedlings from the global seed supplier Sakata® are available from Garden Thyme as the distributor in KwaZulu-Natal. These seeds and seedlings are great for cut flowers, landscaping with bedding plants and nurseries View the Sakata® Catalogue.

about us

Who are the beans behind Garden Thyme?

Garden Thyme Seedlings is run by a family who enjoys gardening and providing affordable seedlings and plants. We are proud of the presentation and care of the seedlings we grow. You get to enjoy the results of that too.

Bean seeds
Wholesale Nursery

All the plants get that little bit of extra care

We stuff the flowers and veggies full of extra love and fluff so that they grow and look absolutely awesome when you plant them or have them in your shop.

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We would love to hear from you about how your seedlings and flowers are going. We also enjoy hearing about something that you would enjoy to see in the store

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Wholesale flower seedlings and seeds supplier with a personal touch based in KwaZulu-Natal.

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